5th SwissText & 16th KONVENS
Joint Conference 2020

Workshop: GermEval Task 4 “Low-Resource Speech-to-Text” + General Discussion on Speech-to-Text for Swiss German (confirmed)

Speech-to-text (STT) is increasingly sought-after technology for businesses. For widely-used languages like English, Spanish or German, recent technological progress has led to high-quality general-purpose STT solutions with Word Error Rates (WER) of around 5%. Applying this technology to Swiss German, however, turns out to be far from trivial. Nevertheless, teams around Switzerland have been looking for solutions and large companies are starting to include Swiss German into their STT applications.

The goal of this workshop is to establish the current state of the art in Swiss German STT and sketch the ways forward. We will discuss the results of GermEval Task 4 “Low-Resource Speech-to-Text”, which is on Swiss German, present an overview of existing solutions and initiatives in Switzerland and discuss potential next steps.


  • Tanja Samardžić, University of Zurich
  • Mark Cieliebak, ZHAW
  • Manfred Vogel, FHNW