5th SwissText & 16th KONVENS
Joint Conference 2020

Camera-ready Instructions

The camera-ready version of your contribution is due on May 22, 2020. For both short and long papers, you are allowed one additional page relative to the submission version. For a smooth processing of the submissions, we kindly ask you to comply with the following instructions:

1. Compile your paper:

  • Please use the attached new stylesheet “swisstextkonvens2020.sty” (replace “\usepackage[hyperref]{acl2019}” with “\usepackage{swisstextkonvens2020}” in your LaTeX file).
  • Uncomment the line “%\aclfinalcopy % Uncomment this line for the final submission” (remove the first “%”).
  • Incorporate the reviewer comments into your paper.
  • Generate a PDF of your paper (at most 5 pages + references for short papers, 9 pages + references for long papers).

2. Sign the publication permission:

  • Please fill and sign one of the permission forms:   
    • AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP): Authors shall use this form if they included no copyrighted third-party material in their paper text (or accompanying sources, datasets). This is the right variant in most cases.
    • AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP): Authors shall use this form if they did include copyrighted third-party material in their paper or accompanying material. They must then also attach a copy of the permission by the third party to use this material in the signed author agreement.
  • Scan your form and save as a file “Publication_Permission_<your_name>.pdf”, where you enter your name at the end.


For the submission, please upload a single .zip file with:

  • PDF of the paper 
  • All LaTeX sources
  • Other sources (e.g., images, etc.) in a subfolder
  • Signed Publication Permission Form

There are two ways to submit the ZIP, depending on whether you participate in the Scientific Track or the Shared Tasks.

1) Scientific Track : upload the ZIP to EasyChair (replace the previous submission)

2) Shared Tasks: the participants email the ZIP to the task organisers. The task organisers collect the contributions to their task and send them to Don Tuggener (tuge@zhaw.ch)

Please make sure at least one author is registered for the conference by May 31, 2020 (click here to go to the registration— registration will re-open this Friday, May 8).